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By turning on AI moderation, each image, video and GIF will be checked by Google AI and Amazon AI for unwanted content. AI moderation is not guaranteed to filter out all unwanted content. AI moderation may also filter out content that is wanted, which can be manually moderated into the live stream.

By turning on manual moderation, each image, video and GIF will be put in a moderation queue. You will be responsible for approving posts before they appear on the live stream.

Event Channel Processing

Pick something unique to your event. This will be used to pull in images from Instagram and Twitter. Don't worry you can change this later.

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All Packages

  • Live stream for your event
  • Upload and stream memory photos
  • Share photos, videos, animated GIFs
  • Hashtag monitoring for Instagram & Twitter
  • Dedicated email address
  • Dedicated SMS/MMS1 number
  • Manual or AI moderation
  • Download all shared photos
  • Guests will have fun!


Up to 50 participants
Unlimited photos, videos, GIFs
12 hour max live stream


Up to 200 participants
Unlimited photos, videos, GIFs
48 hour max live stream


Up to 500 participants
Unlimited photos, videos, GIFs
120 hour max live stream

Unique participants are counted separately for each channel. If your package has 50 participants, this means you can have up to 50 unique participants from Instagram, 50 unique participants from Twitter, 50 unique participants from MMS/SMS and 50 unique participants from email.

1 SMS/MMS only available in Australia, Canada, United States

Need something different?
We can provide custom packages to suit your exact needs. We also offer annual packages and multi-event discounts. Get in touch with us at for these options.

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