Do you provide a projector or screen to display the live stream?
We don't provide any equipment or hardware, you will need to setup the live stream on your own devices. You don't need much though, just an internet connected device such as a laptop or tablet which can be used to display the live stream on a projector or bigger screen. You can read the full setup instructions for setting up your live stream.
Do my event guests or I need to download an app?
There is no app to download! PhotoStream.Live is designed to make it easy for users and your guests to post photos without downloading an app, just using existing methods on any smartphone.
What countries does PhotoStream.Live work in?
You can create a live stream in any country! MMS numbers for sharing photos are only available for events in Australia, Canada and United States.
How will guests know where to send photos to?
On your live stream page (available after you create a live stream for your event), instructions for sending photos into your stream will rotate across the bottom of the screen. These instructions will include your hashtag, email address and MMS number to send photos to. Please note MMS is only available for events in Australia, Canada and United States.
Will I get access to all the photos that are streamed?
Yes, you will be able to view a gallery of all the photos sent in during the live stream as well as download all the images and video files.
Can videos be sent into the live stream?
Yes! Short videos and animated GIFs can be sent into the live stream.
How quickly will the photos appear on the live stream?
Typically images will show up in under a minute on the live stream.
Do you control explicit content being posted to the stream?
Images and videos sent into the live stream are checked for explicit content through Amazon's AI service and Google's AI service. Our testing shows that this is a reliable way to filter out unwanted content but ultimately we can not control to a 100% degree of confidence what gets posted to the live stream.
How do you ensure only my guests can post photos to the stream?
The live stream link is only available to you through your account. You are responsible for sharing it with whoever you would like to be able to view and send in photos. The instructions for sending photos, including your hashtag, email address and MMS number to post photos, are only available to people who are able to view the live stream.
Do you provide tech support on the day of my event?
We don't provide support during your event. The steps for displaying your live stream are very simple. Just create a live stream, upload any memory photos and use the link in your account to display the live photo stream.
What happens when the live photo limit of my package is reached during my event?
Any additional photos that is sent in passed the limit won't show up on the live stream but will still be available for you to view and download after the event.