Projector Setup Instructions

Use these instructions if you are planning on displaying your live stream on a projector or larger screen through another device.

  1. Create a live stream
    Create a live stream if you haven’t already. If you already have an account, sign-in to your account to make a new live stream faster.
  2. Keep your device awake
    Setup your device to stay awake, so that the live stream continues to display during your event. Keeping your device awake for a long period will drain your battery so we recommend to keep charging your device for the duration of the event. The following instructions show you how to disable sleep mode and keep your device awake on different devices:
    1. Smartphone or Tablet
      1. iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPad touch) -
      2. Android -
    2. Laptop or Computer
      1. Windows -
      2. Mac -
  3. Access your live stream
    Sign-in to your account to access the live stream link. The live stream will be active two hours before your event begins.
  4. Open your live stream
    Open the live stream link. The live stream is designed to be displayed as a desktop website. If you are opening the live stream on a tablet or smartphone you can change to a desktop version of the live stream webpage by following these instructions:
    1. Safari on iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPad touch) -
    2. Chrome on Android -
  5. Maximise the webpage
    If you are on a desktop or laptop computer, maximise the live stream webpage.
  6. Connect to screen or projector
    Connect your device to a larger screen or projector. There are many methods to achieve this. If you have Chromecast or Apple TV you can do this as follows:
    1. Mirror your screen to Apple TV
      1. iPhone, iPad or iPod touch -
      2. Mac -
    2. Cast a tab from Chrome browser to Chromecast -