Limitations of posting to a live stream

Each of the posting channels for PhotoStream.Live have certain limitations detailed below.

Instagram Hashtag Monitoring

  • Only single photo posts and carousel photo posts made from a public account with your event hashtag can be picked up and processed.
  • Reels, stories, guides and live videos cannot be processed (they are not permitted by Instagram to picked up).
  • Currently all videos from Instagram cannot be processed. This is due to a recent change from Instagram making all video posts reels, which cannot be processed.

Twitter Hashtag Monitoring

  • All posts with photos and videos with your event hashtag made from a public account can be picked up and processed.


  • Emails with videos and photos made to your event live stream email address ( can be processed to your live stream.
  • Photos and video can be inserted directly into the email or included as attachments.
  • Emails can contain multiple photos and videos but only emails with photos and videos less than a total size of 50 MB will be processed.
  • Only the following file types will be processed: PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF (animated or static), MP4, MOV, 3GP.
  • The text and subject lines included in the email will not be processed or included in the post delivered to the live stream.
We strongly recommend all events use email posting! It is the channel with the least limitations and also allows for private posting, which most users prefer.


  • Only events in US, Canada and Australia can use an MMS number to receive posts.
  • Some carriers and individual phone plans may not permit or restrict multi-media messages such as image and video files being delivered.
  • Your assigned MMS number can only receive posts from phone numbers in the same country as your event.
  • MMS messages sent from a roaming network are not guaranteed to be received.

Other common questions regarding deliverability

What is the longest video length that can be sent in?

There is not limit on video length. But each channel has restrictions on video length that can be sent in. Instagram, Twitter and MMS each have their own restrictions on video length, whatever video passes through these restrictions will be processed PhotoStream.Live. Email has a 50 MB attachment limit, so any video length up to this size can be sent in.